Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Wednesday to Saturday - Aga's impressions


Wake-up at 2:12 am. Streets covered with snow.
ID left in a scanner (Davids’ fast trip by taxi). Landing. Spring, in fact. Favorite umbrella left in a bus (but luckily found and restored).
Everyone sounds like in a film – what makes it funny is that everything is absolutely real. And incredibly nice. But why, for heaven’s sake, do they need two taps?
Staffs Uni building looks like a Polish hospital. But there is something much different in the air… ‘Create difference’? Hmm… So, we’ll try ☺


What does ‘oatcake’ mean? Mmmm…
Hopes, expectations, contributions and risk (“but, of course, nothing is going to happen” ☺). Sometimes all you need to make your thoughts clearer is a flipchart....
‘Rush hours’ in Students Union mean you need much more than 30 minutes for your lunch :)
Tour round the university – you have to s e e it – I am giving up describing all this stuff… But that idea of linking practical work with ideas and theory seems incredibly … obvious and just brillant. Almost all opportunities in one place. Wow.


‘Let it be’ – in the taxi at the morning. I’m wondering – does anyone in Liverpool listen to The Beatles?
Presentations, talks, pictures – knowing our placement-hosts. First impressions, good impressions ☺
Mysterious place marked on the map – coordinates N053º00.831 and W002º10.962. Revitalisation tour – ‘do you feel the same’ in the park, vision of enormous huge Tesco, delicious lunch (dinner, in fact) in a thai restaurant, pink building of David Bowie’s old disco (!), view from the top of biggest car parkway and the bus station so similar to Dworzec Zachodni…


Have you seen Terence Davies’ films?
“Hold me, love me, hold me, love me, ain’t got no but love Babe… Eight days a week she loooooooooves you….”
Wind, sun, river, red bricks, docks, and The Beatles everywhere.
Train to Hall Road and astonishing landscape – ‘Another Place’, Anthony Gormley’s. Soaked shoes and this kind of feeling which you can keep inside for a very long time.

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