Monday, 23 March 2009

How can you spend 8 minutes...

just to remember...
[sorry about bad quality)
music by:
The Beatles, The Prodigy, and 2 Many DJs (The Beatles vs Kraftwerk)
[filmed by everybody, made by me]

Thursday, 19 March 2009


people that we met

our project in UHNS "Leave a message"


work in progress


Several assemblies made by me(Ola) for our today's presenatation

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Work in progress

First meeting in Warsaw since we came back.


We're thinking about our presentation at Institute of Polish Culture. It'll be in Thursday.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

It's a lovely mistake...


Gabi & Aga in Liverpool, February 1963

One negative with my black & white photos from Stoke is completely white, so I don't have pictures from there...
I must come back!!!

Message from Nick Clements

To AgaGabiKamilaDavidOla,
Glad to hear you have arrived home safe and sound, I know that the experience will have benefited you and the people with whom you have worked here in Britain. Remember that you are all very unique, powerful and full of potential creative people, who have gifts and abilities to be shared with others; remember to mutually support each other to aspire to the dreams, hopes and wishes each of you have; remember to take chances, rise to challenges, make mistakes, and breath deeply. What else is there to life?



Monday, 9 March 2009

Thanks to you all

Thanks to you all on behalf of Staffordshire University and all the placement agencies for your hardwork and dedication. I sincerely hope we will meet again very soon

Mark Webster

Sunday, 8 March 2009

All toghether!


Aga, Gabi, Kamila, David, Ola

Thanks and hugs!

... Mark, Kamila, Ben, Glen, Zosia, Gabi, Helen, Rebecca, Anna, photorgaphy faculty technikan staff, David, Ola, Sue, H.H. Hotel staff, Susan, Dorota, Sam, guys from The Bridge project, Rose, Chris, Nadisha, Nick, Aran, Alex, Tony, Ryan & Laura, David, Michael & family, Penny, Anna, Anthony Gormley, all taxi drivers and each person who was smiling without any special reason* - THANK YOU for these two marvelous weeks!

Small keepsake for everyone :)

*sequence is random :)

Evaluation day (04/03)

And everybody dance now!

Dance: Ola, David, Aga
Music: Snap (sorry!:))

One week ago we were in London...

It was too late to go inside, but we had a good time outside!

made by Kamila

according to previous post:



Back in Poland.
We had had some small adventures on the way back. The taxi to the train station was too small - this was quite funny. We laughed less at the airport when we learnt that we could carry only one piece of hand luggage per person. I had my camera in one bag and my laptop in the other. Aga had a similar problem.
We invented a solution: we found some big rubish bags and each of us put his luggage in one bag.
After the ritual of taking off our shoes and belt for the control procedure they finally let us go.
The whole situation was quite humiliating.

photo: Ola

It wasn't the first time that I felt the impact of 9/11 on the UK security politics. When I was trying to take pictures from the roof parking of the supermarket Pottery Center in Hanley, a guy from the security told me that I was not allowed to. I was breaking antiterrorist rules. My photographs of the roads might be used to plan a terrorist attack.
In the time of GoogleMaps it seems quite weird.
And the CCTV (Control Center TV) cameras are everywhere. God save Banksy!

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Just to remember

Our small gifts from Poland to England.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Thanks for this really interesting Intercultural Dialogue!

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Back Home

Hi everybody!

We all were back well and happy.
One more time BIG THANK YOU for the two weeks,
which we spend together.

It was exiting, wonderful, interesting,marvellous, good, nice and more.

Thanks a lot!
Keep in touch


Wednesday, 4 March 2009



I apreciate the way how people here have the consience of the gender subject.

Monument called "The Women of The World War II"
London, near Big Ben 

New Vic Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

1-2/03 (Aga)


LONDON……. for me – once again ☺


Films developing in marvelous darkroom in university...

...and than meeting with The Bridge members – small mindstorm about “Home” (this is subject of photographical competition) and than taking photos around (Polaroids and digital) – for example milk bottles.

Visit in New Vic Theatre – rehersal of ‘Breaking the glass’ (amazing!) and workshop for members of youth theatre.

27 - 28.02 (Aga)


Visit in school for children with special needs and learning problems. Mixed feelings, hard day but very new, strong and interesting. Lots of things to think over…

It’s not easy bein’ green….

Two events – Hospital Corners (exhibition - photographs that had been taken by hospital staff members) and MA exhibition in Air Space gallery.


Finally – sleeping till 9.00 and the day just in Stoke!

Saturday in Newcastle – taking photos of people hanging around streets could probably caused health injuries so you must take my word – it was real jungle. So we were just enjoying drinks and talks in some Mexican (sic) restaurant - old-fashioned style of spending Saturday night so nice….

Enjoy the silence...


Word is not enough...


Stoke by night. - Gabi