Saturday, 28 February 2009

from Ola


Wake up in the morning – typical english weather – foggy day
Breakfast with whole group – pancakes day
Second day in Fit for the Future (Northstaffs Hospital)
· New idea for our small activity in the Hospital that we called Leave a message
· Discussions about the creative consultation led by Nick for the architecture project of new hospital building – for us it is new way of involving community to deciding about their environment
· Searching for inspirations and materials for our project in Newcastle-under-Lyme
· Last pictures of Hospital buildings for today
In the evening – hard work - preparing our common presentation about our work as cultural animators in Poland – it would be a part of one-day workshop for students running the course called “Community Arts In Global Perspective” on Staffs University.


Whole day at the University 9:30-17:00
Short review of the last workshop. One hour discussion – very general – about meaning and influence of globalisation. Some very interesting examples of Cultural Democracy in the world:
-Day of the Dead in Mexico – very good organised and involving festival
-Las Fallas in Valentia – very expensive, spectacular but connected more with idea of destruction and competition than with community art
-La Mercé in Barcelona – dancing with devils and dragons – don’t forget to come to Barcelona on September 24!
After short lunch (Pannini) – amazing and impressive presentation by Nick Clements and story about his work with young men in Northern Kenya. Very interesting issues and inspirations about the meaning of working as an community artist – at first as a challenge.
The most important things for me that Nick said, are:
- community art is always an extremely individual journey – we have to invest in it!
- making small steps with other people and community is a part of globalisation – on a personal level
- everywhere you are, as an community artist, in new place or new community, you should know that you know nothing – others are teaching you!
- it is important to remember to give away sometimes – let it be! – community artist should not intervene until the last moment
- Community Art tells small stories
- Community artist is influencing ALL the time, whatever he does and whichever group he works with
- We are attempting only to listen NOT to judge

After this impressive session and a hard film “Muratare”
(, we took a deep breath and started our quite well organised presentation about examples of Cultural Animation practice.

Idea of the day: what should we do, instead of community art? – nothing!


Trip with Tone to The Lowry - Art&Entertainment – the museum near to Manchester (Salford Quays) and Manchester United Stadion.
We saw three exhibitions:
A Long Exposure: 100 Years of Guardian Photography
Lowry Favourites - LS Lowry’s work in changing exhibitions
Clouds Descending - remarkable images by photographer Jem Southam re-trace Lowry’s lesser-known footsteps along the Cumbrian coast.

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