Friday, 27 February 2009

Breaking Glass


The New Vic Theatre involved me in a project called "Breaking glass". They are working to create a performance with young people and refugees. A part of the script is the story of one of the refugees from Iraq. It's combined with texts about the Crystal Night. We are thinking about adding a part from the "Tint Drum" by Gunter Grass.
I'm still surprised how they are involving me here in everything they do. Yesterday, I made a physical and vocal workshop with them. After we worked on the performance, I thougth that I would just watch and listen, but Sue invited me to be her assistant!
It's incredible.

I also made a computer animation for the performance.
I can't upload it on the blog, but you can see it at

Read this text before (we will use it in the performance, it's anonymous):

Moishe was always breaking glass.

Schlomo was always gluing glass pieces together to make beautiful art.

Moishe and Schlomo were the perfect team.

Sure, Schlomo needed Moishe, but Moishe needed Schlomo because Schlomo amazing glass artworks were beautiful enough to convince someone that it was okay that their window got smashed.

When Moishe got married, Schlomo glued the crushed wineglass into a beautiful swan and presented it to the bride.

He kept one piece for himself, which later that evening, he used to cut his own throat.

Oy gevalt, what a mess! Hierschel, what gets blood out of a carpet?


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