Saturday, 28 February 2009

25-26/02 from Aga


University day – start: 9:30, finish: 18:00 :)
Community Arts in global perspective – what ‘globalization’ means to you? Impacts, clashes, identities, definitions and nothing is so simple…
Mark and festivals in Mexico and Spain – community art is everywhere :)
Meeting with Nick Clemens and astonishing documentary film “Muratare” about Suburu’s rite of passage… Feelings, responsibility, personal journeys, and being a catalyst.
From central Africa straight to… Poland – our presentation once again. How to explain in English what ‘PGR’ means? :)
‘Accountants won’t change the world – but you will’


Meeting with Susan and Rebecca (who’s come back from Mostar) – twenty-five years of work told in two hours – postcards, carnivals, flags, performances, emotions, consultation, feelings, giving voice… Similar experiences: your neighbour asks you ‘What do you do?’ and your answers is ‘I’m a cultural animator’ or ‘I’m a community artist’ and reaction is just the same: ‘WHAT?’ :)

Did you know? There is more wasteland per person in Stoke than anywhere in England.

Next trip with Ben – this time to Wheaton Aston – small village with social estate. Same situation as in Birmingham – firs impression is really good, and then you see that something isn’t ok… Like somebody said: everything is hidden behind the walls. Taking photographs and recording sound. And teaching Ben how to pronounce ‘dresiarz’.

In the evening – so called ‘social time’ :) Very nice dinner with Staffs’s staff :)

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