Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Ola's first days

The first days (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
Warsaw Airport – London Luton Airport – Stoke-On- Trent Railway Station
• Studying at the Staffs University – hopes and expectations
• Trip with Helen around Staffs Uni.- amazing mixture of possibilities in ways of learning art → create the difference
• First contact with Placements (FitForTheFuture, NewVic, B Arts)
• Alternative/artistic trip with Ann&Glan through Stoke On Trent
• Weekend full of exciting places like:
Liverpool – ecclectic →Crosby – place like the moon
Manchester – paradise for the redbrick - lovers

• First day in our Placement – Fit for the Future in General Hospital – meeting the Team
• New experiences and inspirations to work with
• Our small project as a part of big project called Rebirth
Big question: What kind of influence could art have on health?
Small question – consultation: What dose in your opinion this/new hospital really need? Some kind of thing, feeling, tool or maybe some place/space?

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