Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Leave a message …

The Project:
On 27th February Gabi and I initiated a project called “Leave a message”. During half a day, which we spend in Costa Cafe in one of the hospital departments, we asked visitors and staff from University Hospital North Staffordshire questions What makes you smile? or What kind of gift would you like to give other person? The idea was to create a message from staff and visitors to others in this Hospital.

This project was a new experience for me. In Poland we haven’t got anything like Art Company connected with hospital (like in UHNS the Fit for the Future).
In our country the idea of art&health is virtually unknown.
During this one day we saw how hard it is to work in the Hospital. The people are very tired or sad, but on the other hand, our idea makes them smile. Our project was something very small, and short, but I felt that it could be useful - also in the future.

The Result:
We collected 30 answers. Some of the words or sentences were illustrated with our photographic image. The last thing we would like to do (and what we are doing currently), will be some postcards with the answers and our illustrations. We will leave these postcards as a gift for people in Hospital.

Today I am leaving our graphic project in Prontaprint in Newcastle, tomorrow the postcards will be ready.



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