Sunday, 8 March 2009



Back in Poland.
We had had some small adventures on the way back. The taxi to the train station was too small - this was quite funny. We laughed less at the airport when we learnt that we could carry only one piece of hand luggage per person. I had my camera in one bag and my laptop in the other. Aga had a similar problem.
We invented a solution: we found some big rubish bags and each of us put his luggage in one bag.
After the ritual of taking off our shoes and belt for the control procedure they finally let us go.
The whole situation was quite humiliating.

photo: Ola

It wasn't the first time that I felt the impact of 9/11 on the UK security politics. When I was trying to take pictures from the roof parking of the supermarket Pottery Center in Hanley, a guy from the security told me that I was not allowed to. I was breaking antiterrorist rules. My photographs of the roads might be used to plan a terrorist attack.
In the time of GoogleMaps it seems quite weird.
And the CCTV (Control Center TV) cameras are everywhere. God save Banksy!

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